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Erik Segerstedt

The first time we got the chance to get to know Erik Segerstedt was at an audition for the Swedish Idol back in 2006. The praises showered by a unanimous jury, and it ended with a second place in the final. Although, it was anything but an end. It was the beginning of a successful pop career.

Already in February 2007 Erik released the gold-selling debut album "A Different Shade". Later the same year he formed, along with Danny Saucedo and Mattias Andreasson, EMD, one of the most successful boy band. As a solo and group member Erik has sold both gold and platinum and won Grammis for song of the year. As the multifaceted artist and musician Erik Segerstedt is he led a choir from his home town Uddevalla right up to the second place in TV4's "Körslaget". He is also the Swedish voice behind Prince Hans in Disney's most successful film of all time, "Frozen".

Eriks beautiful pop songs, in combination with it's expressive voice will most likely leave you with goose bumps. But he shines as much when he takes on other music styles such as traditional American sound that is close to his heart. It is not just the voice that is his instrument. Both the piano and the guitar has been around since childhood, and you can practically put any instrument in the hand of Erik and sweet music arises. In the arrangements of his songs, he uses both vocal harmonies and strings. Add Eric's scence for strong melodies and you'll understand why everyone can look forward to hear the new songs he is now writing and recording.